When we talk about places, typically it's the things we see, people we meet or foods we eat that form our words. Well, not here.
This is the land more often than not defined by colors: Siena and terra, sepia or azurro. Where else would they name a whole city after a color: Siena?
Think about it. When you picture this region, what comes to mind... colors. The rolling golden wheat fields of summer framed by indigo skies and Michaelangelo clouds. Old ladies dressed in black perched on benches before whitewashed walls and terra cotta bricks.
Never fixed, it's the changing hues from dawn to dusk; green fields of winter which turn parched by mid-august and show the dirt by fall. And why not, it's these colors with their significance that makes this a paradise.
The rich red earth of tuffo and cotta which provides the perfect balance for the olives and vines. Endless azure skies allowing as much sunlight as the plants will take and ensuring that an afternoon siesta never goes out of fashion.
And the colors of a meal... sepia pasta with porcini fired over the grill; bruschetta topped with olive paste and pommodoro; and of course the oil. That golden oil which is at times lime or reddish or pure molten ore.
If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Describe Tuscany without using a single reference to color... I bet you can't do it.