Tuscan faces

In Faces, we introduce you to the people of Tuscany: the Fiorentini, Senese, the people of the olives.  To know this place, you must know it's people.

Andrea: no saint, no devil; if you grew up in a small village in most parts of the world, you probably knew someone like Andrea.

Always astride a bike, when he's not at school he'll be found riding to and fro, talking with whomever happens along.

His father works in the Terracotta factory and works early hours, so after lunch Andrea will often help him picking olives or tending to the "campo".

This assumes that his favorite calcio (football or soccer) squad, "Inter", is not playing, of course. And that none of the other children are having birthdays.

As he lives in a town of 250 amid the Crete Senese, when one child has a b'day party, all children are invited, no matter the age.

In the summers, you'll find him playing in the park with the other children until well past 11 or even midnight.

You see, the temperature gets so hot during the day that "siesta" is necessary and shopping, visiting or playing takes place in the cooler evening hours. Regardless, it's safe and all the parents use the time to catch up with their neighbors.