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The negative and the new visual culture

A celebration of the negative, the origins of photography printed on paper in Italy from 1842 to 1862. A great show, result of a close cooperation between Florence and Paris in the field of photography, held in the headquarters of the Museo Nazionale Alinari per la Fotografia (National Alinari Photography Museum) located in Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence.

Used in the XIX century by amateur and professional photographers, the paper negative has enabled photography to perfectly integrate itself in the world of art.

In the Fourties the paper negative becomes an instrument of innovation, and starts the era of reproducibility.

Over 110 original works coming from important public and private collections, illustrate and report for the first time this period, of which not much is known, of photography history.

The exibition is scheduled from 9th September to 14th October 2010 in Museo Alinari, Piazza S. Maria Novella in Florence.

Opening hours: Monday / Thursday 15-19, Tuesday 10-15, Friday / Saturday / Sunday 10-19. Closed on Wednesdays.

Tickets: Full fare 9,00 Euros; reduced fare 7,50 Euros; Schools: 4,00 Euros. Free entrance children up to 5 years old.

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A celebration of the Paper Negative in Florence - InTuscany.Net News