The alabaster Leaning Tower in Volterra

Volterra -Pisa from 20 April to 31 December 2011 - A beautiful Leaning Tower made in alabaster, 1:25 scale model of the famous bell tower of Pisa, will be in exhibition in Volterra - Pisa from 20 April to 31 December 2011.

The tower is a project proposed some years ago by the Opera del Duomo of Pisa Primate and pursued by the Arteinbottega Association of Volterra. It represents a challenge with a very high stakes, conveyed through one of the symbos of Italian culture and history: reproducing the bell tower of Pisa with the alabaster, a material that has ancient origins in the tradition of Etruscan civilization.

After about three work years a team of skilled craftsmen was able to create an architecture in every way true to the original, recreating in detail each construction element, such as columns, arches, capitals, windows, lintels, decorative pieces, inlays, bas-reliefs, mosaics and ornaments of many capitals. Every shade of color was observed by choosing hues identical to the original stones and even metal elements (bells and ring) and wood elements (beams and portals, where the bells are suspended) have been duly reported.

The result is a fantastic work, a sum of engineering and art, made by the same capacity with which the masters, that have taken place between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries in Fabbrica del Duomo of Pisa, have completed the real bell tower. And since the main feature of the bell tower of Pisa, in addition to its refined beauty, is the slope, alabaster architecture could not be taken into account, so accurate measurements through the craftsmen at work have given similar inclination.

The Leaning Tower is the product of a mixture of purpose that wants to demonstrate that the alabaster can become a timeless masterpiece.

Opening Time: Until September 30th, 2011 daily from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30. From October 1st to December 31st, 2011 only on weekends or by appointment for groups. Free admission.

For more information: Salone Espositivo dell'ex Ospedale civile, Piazza San Giovanni - Volterra (PI)

Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 56048 Volterra (PI)