Car rental

Rent your car here and organize a totally independent holiday in Tuscany.


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Why you should hire a car

In Tuscany public transport is very much designed to serve the locals who have very different needs to tourists.

Often in country towns (such as Montepulciano) due to the local geography, the train station can be a 15-minute drive from the town centre and taxis must be ordered in advance to meet the train.

In the case of buses, usually there will be one very early in the morning at 5.30 or 6.00, perhaps another at lunch time and then returning in the evening, if you miss that one returning………

Therefore, at 'InTuscany', we do not recommend rural holidays with out a hire car. To try and get around using the local transport system can lead to many long afternoons in the freezing cold or blistering heat (depending on the season)waiting around in train stations and at bus stops, frustrating attempts to understand convoluted time tables and at the end of it all the distinct possibility of a strike.

If you think what you have spent on your tickets to arrive in Italy and your accommodation and how little time you will have here, why not stretch your budget to the cost of a hire car and ensure that your holiday is completely hassle free.

Driving here is not as difficult as one might think and mainly the horror stories are from parts of Italy in the south, below Rome. Generally, in Tuscany people are courteous and considerate and obey the road code. As long as you stay in the slow lane unless overtaking and allow people who would like to overtake you to do so you should have an easy time of it.

Driving and parking in the country areas is not only easy but visually a delight as the country side is so beautiful and with a car you can go places that public transport cannot get to conveniently.

Many people worry about remembering which side of the road to be on but there is an easy solution to this: When in doubt think to your self 'Am I, the driver, in the middle of the road with the passenger between me and the curb ?' If the answer is yes then no matter where you are you are in the world you are on the correct side of the road.

Otherwise, the alternative is to confine your holiday to the city centers, which are after all beautiful in themselves.


If you prefer travelling by train...

If you prefer travelling by train (please first read Why you should hire a car) you can buy your ticket for any departure and destination with in Italy on this site: