The Contrade of the Palio | Tickets for the Palio in Siena

The Contrade of the Palio

Only 10 of the 17 Contrade are in each race - the 7 that do not run are automatic entries for the following year, plus 3 which will be selected at random 1 month prior to the race:

- AQUILA (Eagle): a double headed eagle with imperial symbols. Colours: yellow with black and blue bands.

- CHIOCCIOLA (Snail): yellow and red with blue bands.

- ONDA (Wave): a swimming dolphin wearing a crown. White and blue.

- PANTERA (Panther): a rampant panther. Red and blue with white bands.

- SELVA (Forest): a rhinoceros bearing a huge tree hung with hunting implements. Green and orange-yellow with white bands.

- TARTUCA (Tortoise): yellow and blue.

- CIVETTA (Owl): black and red with white bands.

- LEOCORNO (Unicorn): white and orange-yellow with biue bands.

- NICCHIO (Shell): a sea-shell "Nicchio" means sea-shell. Blue with yellow and red bands.

- TORRE (Tower): an elephant with a tower on its back. Dark red with white and blue bands.

- VALDIMONTONE or simply MONTONE (Ram) a rampant ram. White and yellow with red bands.

- BRUCO (Caterpillar) a caterpillar. Colours: Yellow and green with blue bands.

- DRAGO (Dragon) a flying dragon. Red and green with yellow bands.

- GIRAFFA (Giraffe) a Giraffe. White and red.

- ISTRICE (Porcupine) a porcupine. White, red, black and blue bands.

- LUPA (She-Wolf) the Roman She-Wolf suckling the twins. Black and white with orange-yellow bands.

- OCA (Goose) a crowned goose with the cross of Savoia round its neck. White and green with red bands.