Palio tickets 2014 | Book Palio tickets for July 2 and August 16

Palio tickets

As a travel agency with property rentals in Tuscany - one of the more repeated questions from our clients is - "How can we get tickets to the Palio in Siena?"

While some of you may have your own connections in Siena for Palio tickets, chances are they are not the actual ticket owners. If you don't have any connections, it may be because you have found that getting Palio tickets proves to be a very difficult tasks.

In either case, we know we can help. We have personally attended the Palio in Siena since 1998 and have provided tickets to our own clients since 2001.

Our Palio ticket options are now available for both July and August races. Because we take our tickets now and only from the ticket owners, we are able to respond immediately on availabilities to any request you may have.